Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my pet dies at home?

Unfortunately, death can happen at any time. First thing is to give yourself a moment to grieve. Losing a pet is extremely difficult and sometimes pet parents make rash decisions when emotions are high.

For some people, it is best to contact a friend or family member to help you emotionally and/or physically through this process. If cremation is the option you decide, you are welcome to call us to arrange to bring your pet in to us. If our business is closed, you can email us at us or text our mobile phone at 716-984-4687 and we will help answer any questions you may have.

We can arrange a pick-up from your veterinarian. Home pick-ups are not permitted because of COVID-19.

What does Pet Heaven Funeral Home offer?

Pet Heaven is unique in that we offer everything that a grieving pet owner would need. We cannot bring your beloved pet back, but our objective is to lessen your pain during this time. We offer a guest waiting area, viewing parlor, and private offices. We have a large supply of caskets, urns, markers, monuments, books, cards, and other bereavement products.

How do I know that my pet will be cremated alone?
Pet Heaven has two state-of-the-art crematories on location. At your written request, we will privately or communally cremate your pet. Private cremation guarantees that your loved one will be alone in the chamber and you will receive only their cremated remains.
Why should I choose cremation?
Cremation is much less expensive than burial. More importantly, it allows you to keep your pet’s cremains with you. For example, a beautifully inscribed urn with your pet’s picture on it may be displayed in your home and can go with you if you change addresses. You can also scatter or bury some or all the ashes in an area that your pet loved.
What kind of pets do you cremate?
Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, fish and many more. We care about each pet that comes to us, no matter what they are.
May I tour Pet Heaven Funeral Home?
You may come in during normal business hours, but we do require an appointment. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Pre-arrangements are encouraged — remember we are here to make this difficult time easier.
How much do your services cost?
Prices vary depending on the weight of your pet. With our group cremation services, the ashes are not returned to the pet-parent. Our private cremation services include the cremation, private viewing, temporary urn and required paperwork. (Pets are weighed at our facility upon arrival. Prices are based off our certified scale calculation.)

Group Cremation:

0-3 lbs – $31
4-15 lbs – $61
16-30 lbs – $70
31-50 lbs – $81
51-75 lbs – $94
76-90 lbs – $108
91-115 lbs – $123
116-130 lbs – $141
131 lbs and up – $164 + $1.00/lb

Private Cremation:

0-2 lbs (Exotic) – $56
3-15 lbs – $125
16-30 lbs – $160
31-50 lbs – $191
51-75 lbs – $221
76-90 lbs – $252
91-115 lbs – $290
116-130 lbs – $334
131 lbs and up – $385 + $2.45/lb

Non-Contracted Vet Pick-ups

Pet Heaven is able to pick up your deceased pet from your veterinarian’s office. Pick-ups are based on staff availability and will only be made Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 3:00pm. We will provide you with a 2 to 3-hour window for arrival.

Pet parents must pay the pick-up fee with either a debit card or credit card over the phone before Pet Heaven sends staff to your home or your veterinarian. Remaining payment for cremation will be accepted after your pet has arrived and has been weighed at our facility.

Charges are based on the distance from Pet Heaven Funeral Home to your home or veterinarian’s office:
0-15 miles: $99
15-30 miles: $149
Over 31 miles: $149 + $3 per each additional mile

Storage of deceased pet: $55 per month

Please Note: Storage fees are not payment plans. If you later decide to cremate your pet, you will need to pay the full cremation price, over and above any storage fees.

Due to COVID-19, we are not permitted to pick animals up from your home.